Monday, April 16, 2012

What I'm currently reading

What are you reading right now? Share below in comments, please. I'm always on the lookout for great new reads. I'll share some of my own top choices with you.

One of the books (yes, I read more than one at a time!) I'm reading and loving is Tessa  Dawn's latest Blood Curse Novel: Blood Possession. Talk about exciting. I love this series, this author, these hot, dangerous, and romantic vampires. Good stuff for the paranormal, dark fantasy genre. Nail biting suspense. 

Another interesting tidbit about these books and this author - she was initially represented by my current publisher, Charles River Press. In fact, the first reason I was drawn to this  particular publisher was because after reading Tessa's book, I needed to see what else Charles River Press had to offer a reading addict like myself. I found a good selection books and appreciated the work quality. Considering I'd just finished editing book one in my Werewolves of the West series, I began to "court" the publisher and ended up with a book contract. For readers/writers seeking publication, I'll talk more about "courting" publishers in the near future. 

Back to the Blood Curse Novels, if you like steamy romance with an intriguing story line, check out Tessa's amazing series. Visit her website to learn more. Her books are available in trade paperback or as ebooks. I'm reading and enjoying Blood Possession on my Kindle Fire. If you're anything like me, you probably understand my daily dilemma: read or write?  I love both!

So, when I'm not reading, what am I working on? 

I'm starting the process of creating a book video trailer for I Kissed a Dog. Tessa has been great about giving me tips. Make sure to watch her book trailers too! 

In addition, I'm writing away on book two in the Werewolves of the West series, and editing a book from yet another series (Soul Defenders). Yes, I jump around. I have ideas exploding from my ears it seems. My thinking process can make me a bit bonkers, but it's never a dull moment around my house. Did I mention I care for my elderly mom, have a 13 year old daughter, a son in college, and I work in the social-work field full time? Oh, I'm a single, middle-aged mom with fibromyalgia. So, if you're a writer who says time keeps you from writing, I'm not buying it. 

You can do it! Tell your story and tell it well. That's my note of encouragement for the day. Don't let anything thwart your dreams. 

Until next time ... Keep your eyes on the moon and a pen in your hand (or fingers on a keyboard) OR your nose in a good book ... Okay. Okay. I'm done now. Goodnight!

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