Thursday, April 19, 2012

Werewolf Legends

Werewolves have been the source of legends since the beginning of time. In addition, wolves in general have infiltrated our society with a wide range of wolfy-expressions. 

Here is a list of those Wolfish Expressions:

1. The "wolf at the door" is the bringer of ruin, starvation, and death. 
2. To "throw someone to the wolves" is to condemn or abandon them to utter ruin.
3. To "wolf-down food" is to eat fast and greedily.
4. A "wolf's lair" is the base or headquarters of a sinister or scheming person. 
5. A "wolf" may be a violent or rapacious and violent person, or simply a womanizer.
6. A "wolf-pack" may mean any gang of predators and was used to translate the German word rudeltaktik (literally"pack tactic"), which described the Nazi policy of using a group of submarines (U Boats) to hunt allied shipping convoys in WWII. 
7. To "cry wolf"is to raise a false alarm on purpose.
8. A "wolf in sheep's clothing" is a predatory deception. 
9. A "wolf note" is an imperfect contribution or contributor. 
10. The offensive "wolf whistle" declares that animal passions have been aroused. 

There you have it. Wolfish expressions. Until next time ...
Keep your eyes on the moon. 

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