Monday, March 25, 2013

She Kissed a Vampire ... book two in the saga.

The amazing new cover for book two in the Werewolves of the West series is here. The publisher went another direction with "the look," and I like, a lot. I love the cover for I Kissed a Dog as well. They are both unique and eye-catching. I applaud the designers who make you want to pick up my books and read. 

Back blurb teaser for She Kissed a Vampire:

Bestselling author Melanie Larson's relationship with her friend, Chloe Carpenter, is bleak. Falsely accused of murder, Chloe's fate rests in the hands of her mate, Zane Marshall, and the Pacific Pack's purebred werewolves. In an effort to help, Melanie joins forces with the pack and soon discovers the monsters she writes about in her paranormal novels really do go bump in the night. 

As Chloe struggles with legal troubles, an unwanted blood bond with a master vampire, and a reunion with her mate, Melanie untangles the attention of multiple supernatural suitors determined to claim her as their own. Strangely attracted to a brazen vampire, she must decide if the blurred line between passion and pain is worth crossing. 

Werewolves, vampires, and fae royalty race to unearth an ancient artifact with the power to extend their existence. Can Chloe and Melanie restore their friendship in time to stop magical mayhem from ruining everything they've worked so hard to redeem? 

Watch for more teasers, the trailer, and tempting tidbits as the book draws closer to publication. 

Until then, make sure you've read I Kissed a Dog

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