Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Surprises ...

Random Gifting is Fun! 

With Christmas around the corner, I've been overcome with a giving spirit. I love going to my author Goodreads page and perusing the Goodreads readers who have marked I Kissed a Dog as a book they want to read. 

For the next month or so, I plan to randomly pick readers and "gift" them with copies of my book. Yep. NO strings attached. Of course, reviews/ratings are much appreciated, but not expected. I just want to get my story into the hands of individuals who are eager to read it. 

In addition, I'm working away on book two in the Werewolves of the West series: She Kissed a Vampire. I realize I Kissed a Dog is only a month old, but I can't wait to continue the adventures of Zane, Chloe, the Pacific Pack, their vampire friends, and enemies. Book two will introduce a whole new group of supernatural players. Not to mention, more action, mystery, and romance. In the future, I will be looking for pre-publication readers willing to read book two during the writing process while providing feedback and suggestions. Participants will of course receive a free book for their efforts, and likely, a few other surprises along the way. 

I'm gearing up for my upcoming Blog Tour with Bewitching Book/Blog Tours. The tour starts on November 30. More details to come. 

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