Monday, September 10, 2012

Things keep getting that much more exciting by the day. Today I received my advanced author copy of I Kissed a Dog. Wow! I love it. You'll love it too. I've also set up a facebook page for the Werewolves of the West Series and would like to invite you to visit and "like" my page. I need those likes. 

Also, it's time to pick up the posting. That's right. I will be sharing more in the days ahead.  I have several other Charles River Press authors I will be profiling as well. Watch for how you can win books in October. 

Here's the LINK for my new dedicated facebook page, and then I'll leave you with a teaser from I Kissed a Dog. 

Click Here

Book Teaser (from Chloe Carpenter, the book's heroine)

    Flipping onto my side, I realized the window was still open.
Not such a good idea. I couldn’t handle anymore late night
   Wishing I could flash myself to the window or shut it with
my mind wasn’t going to get the job done. I’d have to get up
and do it with my own two, very human hands.
   “If you’re going to come in through my window, you could
at least be polite and shut it on your way out,” I said to no
one in particular as I reached up to pull the framed, glass pane
   A familiar, but unexpected, ghostly face appeared. “I think
we need to talk,” Alcuin said, looking none too pleased. “By
the way, you reek.”
   “Sorry I’m not up to your smelling standards.” I was borderline
furious that all the damn supernatural men, who didn’t
need any sleep, kept interrupting mine.
   “Come on in. Everyone else does.” I wished right then for
a giant eraser that would erase the last hour in one big swipe.

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